Diamond buying: how to?

How to Buy a Diamond: Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. First, identify the diamond shape.
  2. Set a carat weight minimum based on the recipient's preferences. If they have their heart set on a one carat diamond, even the most beautiful half carat stone will be a disappointment.
  3. Start with the highest quality diamond of the shape and carat weight minimum you identified in steps 1 and 2, and begin making concessions in the following order until you arrive at a diamond that fits your budget:
    • First, lower the Clarity. See clarity in tutorial for more guidance. Go as low as SI1 before making concessions in other areas.
    • Next, lower the Colour. Go as low as "I" before making concessions in other areas.
    • Finally, lower the Cut. Go as low as Very Good in round diamonds, and Good in fancy shapes before making concessions in other areas.
    • If the diamonds that match your revised criteria are close to your budget, consider shaving off some carat weight in order to close the gap.
  4. If after following the steps above, you are still outside your budget, repeat the process with new thresholds:
    • First, further reduce Clarity. Go as low as SI3.
    • Next, reduce Colour. Go as low as K. If you know the diamond will be set in yellow gold, you could safely drop to L.
    • Finally, reduce the Cut. Go as low as Good in round diamonds, and Fair in fancy shapes.
  5. At this point, if you are still outside your budget, your next step will depend on your individual preferences and needs.
      • If the diamond you seek is under one carat, you could consider a drop to SI3 AND I1 clarity.
      • If the diamond is both a round cut and under 1.50 carats, an L-M color may be perfectly acceptable when set in yellow gold.
    1. If size is the primary consideration, you could consider a Fair cut round or fancy shape.
    2. If you are still well outside your budget, you may need to consider increasing your budget or reducing your minimum carat weight target.
  6. Enter our diamond shop use the filters to narrow your search to suite your budget.
  7. Once you identified call us and make an appointment to inspect your dream diamond. 

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